Artist in Education:

I have been designing and delivering programs for schools and community settings since 1994.The goal of my work with students is to help them develop musical skills while creating conditions that support the development of their own creativity.

Students develop listening, creating and performing skills and are exposed to a broad range of ideas about what constitutes music with aleatoric, pop, non-western and classical elements, all as possible means of expression.

Projects are designed to be collaborative and to integrate students at all levels of ability. If projects take place in North Western Ontario, I can provide a large number of homemade, found and world percussion instruments for the students to use.

Artist in Education Resume

Sample projects:

1) All levels of music ability: "Creative Music Projects" in which I work collaboratively with students to develop and perform arrangements and original pieces of music, elements of which are created by the students. We spend time developing basic musical skills such as rhythm, listening, leading, supporting, holding a part, memorization and learning how to focus and bring something to performance standard.

This kind of project can take place with students who have any level of musical background. Improvisation is introduced at all levels of ability, as are basic tools of composition. Percussion, found, string and wind instruments as well as voice can be used.

These projects lend themselves to supporting work in other subject areas and can be designed around particular curriculum topics.

2) Advanced music students: Here, I focus on performance and communication skills, building in part on repertoire they already know as well as using improvisation and creative exercises to develop some new music. We work in particular on intonation, ensemble, presentation, listening, improvisation, learning to work collaboratively and commitment.

Other project designs are possible depending on the needs and interests of students.